Access Control Systems

In our daily lives we see and use physical access control systems all of the time. Here are a few examples of physical access controls: fences, door locks, car ignition locks, turnstiles, safes, and guards. These controls are intended to allow only authorized personnel access to the protected items or areas. As technology has progressed so have physical access control systems.

Access control systems have been computerized and in some instances automated. Many of you might use a computerized or automated access control systems on a daily basis. A very common example in the work place today is a proximity card reader access control system. These systems place proximity card readers at ingress and egress points within a facility and only those individuals that have a proper card and is permitted access to the controlled area via the computerized or automated system will be permitted to gain access to the specific area.

The technologies associated with access control is getting more advanced.  You may have seen where a Biometric readers have been implemented that take a finger print or hand print to validate who you are and determine the type of access that you are permitted.

On an even more advanced note we are seeing the integration of common computer technologies beings integrated with access controls systems that the smart card. The smart card is a programmable security product that can allow the storage of a public key infrastructure certificate. In this case, instead of having a single item to validate who you are and what you are permitted access to there are now multiple items that are required: the proper card, the proper certificate and potentially something that the owner of the card knows such as a PIN number or access code.

Based upon the ever growing complexity of these systems is why you need a partner that is well versed with many types of system designs, expert with the integration of different manufactures and technologies and committed to customer satisfaction. This is why we should have an opportunity to earn your business.