Cloud Solutions

Cloud Infrastructure

Our experience with major cloud platforms, like Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is bar none. Whether you would like to start fresh in the cloud, migrate to the cloud, or run a hybrid solution, our certified Google Cloud Platform Architects can help get you there. Best in class DevOps tools paired with our experience will allow us to deliver on infrastructure that is secure, reliable, and flexible all the while reducing your total cost of ownership & management overhead.


Data Center (on-premise) Migration

Running a dedicated data center or co-located environment is both costly and requires a large staff with specialized skill sets needed to support your assets. Not only that, but you’re bound by what your facility is capable of doing. These things reduce the amount of flexibility your business has and increases cost and time it takes to meet goals. It’s time to remove these boundaries and time.

Cloud adoption couldn’t be easier. Here’s a few of the things we can do to get you there.

  • Understand business and existing infrastructure, to help tailor a strategic roadmap that fits specific needs
  • Improve upon existing infrastructure solutions as part of the cloud adoption roadmap
  • Identify critical systems to lay a foundation for smooth migration
  • Migrate services without downtime or impact
  • Provide a peace of mind in knowing that infrastructure is easier to manage and more reliable


Cloud Migration

It seems as if there’s a cloud provider and a service for everything. But which solution is the right one? Given the amount of providers that exist it can be a difficult question to answer, but it doesn’t have to be. Google Cloud Platform guarantees to have the best cloud based infrastructure & solutions at your fingertips for a fraction of what the competitors cost.


Whether you’re running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure, we can help make the move to Google Cloud Platform a cinch.

Migrating to a new Cloud Infrastructure Provider

  • Wholesale replication of your infrastructure from your existing cloud provider to GCP
  • Data migration; live services, database, datastore backends, and archive data
  • Access controls; users and service accounts provisioned with the correct level of access
  • Re-solutioning architecture and infrastructure if you currently subscribe a provider specific technology or solution

Spanning Cloud Infrastructure Providers

Uptime, availability, and disaster recovery are critical. Utilizing more the one cloud provider can help grow your points of presence across the world, increase your ability to scale on demand, and provide fault tolerance.

Ad-hoc Cloud Infrastructure Provider Services

It’s not uncommon for various teams or organizations to take advantage of what a provider does best. We have clients that do this all of the time. This affords you the best of both worlds without feeling the need to migrate infrastructure wholesale.

A great, example to consider is running existing infrastructure in AWS, but wanting to take advantage of Google’s Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and container development options to expedite software build pipelines. With a single push of a button you could have a multi-region Kubernetes cluster running Jenkins and building software in containers and as containers in the cloud!


DevOps that Works

It’s the buzz-word backed methodology of pairing the best in software engineering practices with flexible yet highly reliable infrastructure. Many companies want to implement and practice DevOps in an effort to break ground on what it means to be a truly agile organization. An organization where people, process, and tools work in lock-step to build trust and create safety throughout within teams and across the enterprise.

The impact this will have on your organization is astronomical. People will begin to communicate and better than ever before. They’ll think and work differently at a faster pace without compromising consistency & quality.

We can help you get there. Let us embed with your teams, learn about your company, and level-up your organization. There’s not better time to solve the challenges of today while laying groundwork for your future in DevOps. All it takes in the right people, strategic process, and well engineered tools.


This is where it all starts. People first is a hallmark of success in any organization. When you empower your Engineers you’re not just giving the ability to make decisions. You’re inspiring drive and motivation at an individual level that is sure to catch on like wildfire among your teams. The end result of which is groups of highly motivated collaborators with a deep sense of ownership. This is the best investment you can make in your organization.


Highly functional teams are going to want well defined process. It’s the natural progression of an organization that’s well on its way to achieving a higher level of quality while still yielding greater output. These processes will not be contract negotiations. Instead they’ll be working agreements created through collaboration, with a high degree of stakeholder input, and are subject to the iterative exercise of making continual improvement to ensure its serving the needs of the business.


Generally tooling will outpace the progress of both people and process, but it should never lose its purpose as being a critical support mechanism to both. Lots of organization are challenged with problems of all different types. A thematic issues for any organization of any size is growth. This fire the “get it done, now!” attitude and leaving you to solve for today’s challenges with little to no information. Maintaining an open and trusted line of feedback will help inform how tooling could better adapt and support the business. Tooling, like people and process is no different, in that with each iteration it’s subject to improvement.

Software Development

Writing software is fun, but building software can be hard. We can implement a Continuous Deployment Pipeline that will streamline the building process, taking it from difficult to consistent.

Key advantages of a Continuous Deployment Pipeline:

  • Delivering new features to customers faster
  • Immediate feedback through various stages of testing
  • Enhanced QA capabilities resulting in a higher quality product
  • A canonical means of building, testing & deploying software
  • Speed & efficiency gained through automation

Continuous Integration (CI)

This is your first step in turning source code into a deliverable product. Continuous Integration or CI at its core is your build system. It’s your platform of choice in how you check out code, build code, provide feedback, and automate to the next steps. By having a well developed CI platform you now have orchestration integrated into your software development life cycle. This allows teams to write & test code faster allowing your business to deliver on products quicker.

We specialize in using Kubernetes, Jenkins, and declarative pipelines to deliver highly flexible and scalable CI solutions. From building web applications in Golang & Python to building Android apps, we’ve done it all!

Continuous Deployment (CD)

Utilizing continuous deployment doesn’t just mean you alter your approach to placing trust in automated decision points so you can ship code as a product faster. It means you’ve changed your organization in such a way that there’s implicit trust in the people writing software, testing builds, and supporting your day-to-day operations.

Having a well oiled, lean mean continuous deployment machine isn’t just about using the write software and checking for the desired test results. It’s about people, it’s about process, and it’s about implementing the right tools to get the job done. This is the end goal of DevOps. A pipeline that can continuously deploy your product worry free while ensuring safety and maintaining a high level of quality in engineering.