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Eligibility management solutions ensures that patients who are considered as self-pay are screened for eligibility in Federal, State, Local, and other private programs that minimizes bad debt for our clients. We are different from the competition in multiple ways our: approach, methodology, experience and results. Our process and reporting is designed to demonstrate efforts made during every step. Our reports demonstrate our effectiveness that results in maximum recovery and enhanced patient care.
Aspiryon’s eligibility services are delivered consistently in three different areas and various models.
Eligibility advisory services includes: assessments, audits and evaluations that provides measures, indicators and customized data regarding existing programs.  The data that is gained through advisory services provide subscribers detailed information on process or program gaps, measures of effectiveness, indicators of program issues or pitfalls and other customized data as required.Advisory services are usually delivered via the project -based delivery model for engagements with well-defined scopes and requirements. The delivery models can be modified for engagements with varied size, scope and requirements with fireside or hybrid models.
Eligibility consulting services consists of the development and implementation of an eligibility program or if a program has been established then implementing changes within the program that offers optimization and increases effectiveness. Eligibility consulting services are usually delivered via the project -based delivery model.
Eligibility operations services are delivered via a hybrid model that includes Aspiryon personnel fireside at your location and other operations conducted at Aspiryon offices. Specific delivery of services is based upon each client’s needs, requirements and resources. See below for an example of eligibility programs.
Examples of Supported Programs
   Social Security

  • Title II
  • Title XVI


  • Sub-types

State Programs

  • Crime Victims
  • Others

County Programs

  •         Indigent

Private Programs

  •         Private Charities

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