Aspiryon Earns Spot on DOD DTIC CSTATS Contract

Aspiryon has been awarded a position on the DOD DTIC CSTATS Contract.

The DOD DTIC CSTATS Contract includes:

Cyber Security (CS) – Full spectrum cyber operations including 1)developing CS planning frameworks and development of requirements and mission needs documents and conducting trade-off analyses; 2) cyber threat avoidance; 3) defensive cyber operations (DCO) including red teaming and performing threat assessments; and 4) cyber offensive and exploitative operations. All of the above may include: cyber technology research, analysis and prototyping, cyber situational and mission awareness, cyber modeling, simulation and war gaming, integrating innovative cyber technologies to enable cyber superiority and the facilitation of technology transition.

Software Data & Analysis – 1) Installation, demonstration, test, validation and evaluation of new and existing software, tools, methods and software measurement technologies; 2) evaluations of the quality of existing software systems and recommending improvements; 3) needs and risk analyses of software packages (developmental, non-developmental and commercial off the shelf (COTS) relative to mission requirements; 4) development, updating, and evaluation of software engineering standards, specifications, handbooks, or manuals; 5) supporting the revision and development of military standards and specifications; 6) verification and validation of solution sets and protocols; 7) assisting user organizations with all aspects of software development or software acquisition; 8) development of life cycle cost models; and 9) customization of software analytical tools, models, decision aids, screening methods and techniques used to evaluate and support the authenticity and continuity of DoD, national, commercial, and international information systems.

Knowledge Management and Information Sharing – 1) Expertise in working with comprehensive collections of empirical data on the development, operation, and maintenance of software systems; 2) analysis of this data (data may be from new or existing sources) – this includes data analytics (data to decisions); 3) supporting the development, delivery and/or evaluation of training (including classroom, computer-based-instruction, videotape, distance learning, and other forms of instruction); 4) expertise in advanced collaborative analysis tools that allow for the integration of existing and in-process social networking and intelligence data exploitation tools; and 5) supporting the evaluation, development and implementation of a wide variety of intelligence and collaboration systems including Global Net Centric Systems — this subject area could involve computer system engineering and integration, software engineering and software technology, R&D transition, and computer network and communication engineering, development and deployment (including engineering, development and deployment involving both network devices/hardware and applications).

Modeling and Simulation (M&S) – 1) M&S subject matter expertise for supporting program reviews, strategic planning, exercise management, knowledge acquisition, and operations coordination and monitoring; 2) providing support for DoD certification of compliance with High Level Architecture (HLA) for federates; 3) evaluating and improving models and databases that support IA; 4) the development and implementation of modeling and analysis tools for collaborative databases and data stores; 5) applying M&S for evaluating the effectiveness of forces, systems, doctrines, tactics and plans in support of training, analysis and acquisition activities; 6) evaluating M&S interoperability, reuse, capabilities and cost-effectiveness, particularly as fostered by the common technical framework; and 7) supporting cross-domain coordination, configuration management, and military exercises and demonstrations.

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